Preç Zogaj


President of Liberal Institute of Tirana Pashko

Preç Zogaj is a distinguished intellectual and he is recently engaged as the President of the Liberal Institute of Tirana Pashko (ILP). Mr. Zogaj is a well-known publicist who made significant contributions to the growth of Albanian society at the start of the democratic era. Mr. Zogaj is the initiator of the Democratic Renaissance (RD) and one of the Democratic Party of Albania’s founders. He was a member of the former Prime Minister cabinet from 1991 to 1992, where he also held the position of Minister of Culture. He established the Democratic Alliance Party in 1992. He served as the advisor of the President of the Republic of Albania from 1997 to 1999, and Minister of State from 1999 to 2000. Mr. Zogaj served as an MP from 2005 to 2009.

Aduela Caca, Msc

Project Manager

Anduela Caca has extensive experience in project management, project coordination and writing in both national and international levels. She graduated Finance-Accounting followed by the Master of Arts in International Relations from the University of New York Tirana and the University of Greenwich, UK.  She has a long experience in programme execution while working with OSCE as well as additional one in finance and human resources while working in local government institutions. She is currently working at the Liberal Institute of Tirana Pashko as a Project Manager.

Viliem Kurtulaj

Associated Researcher/ Project Coordinator

Viliem Kurtulaj is a scientific researcher, lecturer and former diplomat. During the years 2019-2022, he served for a term as a diplomat at the Embassy of the Republic of Albania to Hungary, where for two and a half years he held the position of Consul, and for seven months he was in the capacity of Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Kurtulaj also worked as an assistant lecturer for four years at Eötvös Loránd University, in Budapest, and, for one year, at the European University of Tirana. He also has managerial and teaching experiences in Ankara, Moscow and Budapest. Regarding studies, Kurtulaj studied in Albania, Türkiye, Belgium, Russia, and Hungary where he graduated in Political Science, Political Theory, Public Administration, and Education Science. Currently, he is finishing his doctoral studies.

Prof. Asoc. Dr.Ervis Iljazaj

[email protected]

General Director

Ervis Iljazaj serves as the general director of the Liberal Institute of Tirana Pashko (ILP), an NGO that actively supports Albania’s reform and development efforts. The organization’s overall administration and development are Mr. Iljazaj’s primary concerns. Promoting the Values of Freedom, Sustainable Development Culture-Heritage-Tourism, and Research and Innovation-the Civic Space are the three research areas in which ILP currently conducts its research areas. Mr. Iljazaj seeks to expand…

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Dr. Dorian Sevo


Researcher Dr. Dorina Sevo works at the Liberal Institute of Tirana Pashko. ‘Discussions on human nature in Hobbes and Descartes’ was the topic of his PhD studies at the University of Tirana, Department of Philosophy. Dr. Sevo has extensive experience conducting research and teaching. He worked as a teaching assistant at the University of Tirana, Department of Philosophy from 2010 to 2012. Dr. Sevo was a philosophy and sociology lecturer at Vitrina University’s Faculty of Education Sciences, Department of Psychology, from 2011 to 2013. Durimg 2015–2016,  he worked as a teaching assistant in at the Philosophy Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tirana. He taught philosophy at Logos University College from 2019 to 2021.

Adela Danaj, PhD

Programme Director

[email protected]

Adela Danaj, PhD, is the program director at ILP and a senior social science researcher with a particular focus on voting behavior, EU politics, electoral politics, institutional consolidation in emerging democracies, and security, with an emphasis on the Western Balkans and Albania. Mrs. Danaj works closely with academia and civil society. She is a member of several International editorial boards where she serves as a reviewer of scientific publications. She also teaches EU politics and research and design at the European University of Tirana. The three primary ILP programs—Promoting the Values of Freedom, Sustainable Development…

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Msc. Besian Zogaj

Reseracher/ Project Coordinator

Besian Zogaj is a researcher and project coordinator at the Liberal Institute of Tirana, “Pashko”. His research focuses on international relations and political science. With distinction, he completed his master’s degree at the Sapienza University of Rome. Mr. Zogaj has taken part in several UN Organization trainings on subjects including human rights, rights of refugees, rights of asylum seekers, etc. His primary areas of study are electoral concerns, human rights compliance, communication, and media. His professional experience also includes international policy, where he worked as the President’s Cabinet’s Assistant for European Integration Affairs and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs’ Advisor for Multilateral Affairs for the Region. Mr. Zogaj has written several books.

Laert Miraku

Communication Officer

Laert Miraku is a journalist and scientific researcher. He has more than ten years of experience in the media and communications. He holds a “Doctor” degree in communication sciences. Mr. Miraku teaches “News Writing and Reporting 3”, “Investigative Journalism”, and “Multimedia” at the University of Shkodra Luigj Gurakuqi. He has experience working as a journalist for several television and web outlets. He served as chief editor and editor in several newspapers in Albania. Currently, Mr. Miraku is the deputy chief editor of professional experiences span both scientific study and investigative journalism.


In the Liberal Institute of Tirana PASHKO, 25 scientists work in fields ranging from economics to political science, finance to law, engineering to architecture, technical medical sciences to the arts, sports to education, communication to psychology. All these experts, who are among the most well-known in their field, are affiliated with the Liberal Institute of Tirana’s expert pole and are available at any time to conduct studies, projects, expertise, lectures, and trainings at the European University of Tirana. These activities are crucial to the operation of this think tank and form the basis of the knowledge needed to realize the institute’s mission and vision.

  Scientist Field of expertise
1 Prof. Dr. Adrian PAPAJANI The role of history teaching in students’ democratic/civic education.
2 Prof. Dr. Agron CUKO The role of exercise and nutrition in lifestyle.
3 Prof. Dr. Aleksander DHIMA Albanian physical anthropology and impact on public health.
4 Prof. Dr. Angjelin SHTJEFNI Physical applications in engineering fields.
5 Prof. Dr. Bujar KAPEXHIU Visual communication in arts, culture and politics.
6 Prof. Dr. Drita KRUJA Marketing psychology and consumer behavior.
7 Prof. Dr. Edvin PRIFTI New therapies for heart disease.
8 Prof. Dr. Elida MIRAJ Dynamics of urban planning and architecture.
9 Prof. Dr. Kreshnik BELLO Marketing in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.
10 Prof. Dr. Kristaq XHARO Security and defense in the face of contemporary challenges regionally and beyond.
11 Prof. Dr. Mimoza DURRESI Applications and challenges in the conditions of new IT infrastructures.
12 Prof. Dr. Petraq PAPAJORGJI Software engineering and service-oriented architecture.
13 Prof. Dr. Tonin GJURAJ State-society relations in transition Albania.
14 Prof. Assoc. Dr. Admir JANCE Cellular metabolism and radiobiology.
15 Prof. Assoc. Belina BUDINI Media communication practices: actors, institutions, culture.
16 Prof. Assoc. Elvin MEKA Expanding knowledge on the EU integration process in BP universities.
17 Prof. Assoc. Ervis ILJAZAJ The relationship between representation, political parties and institutions.
18 Prof. Assoc. Hysen MUCEKU Impact of security and efficiency of financial systems.
19 Prof. Assoc. Juelda LAMCE Family relations between tradition and multicultural society.
20 Prof. Assoc. Selami XHEPA European integration as an institutional change (Jean Monnet).
21 Prof. Assoc. Shefqet MUCAJ Preventive character of criminal punishment.
22 Prof. Assoc. Teuta XHINDI Applications of Data Science
23 Prof. Assoc. Voltisa LAME Children’s mental health.
24 Dr. Elsida SINAJ Socio-cultural determinants of physical and psychological health in young people.
25 Dr. Lumturi MËRKURI Demographic and structural challenges to the health system.