Prof. Asoc. Dr.Ervis Iljazaj
General Director

Ervis Iljazaj serves as the general director of the Liberal Institute of Tirana Pashko (ILP), an NGO that actively supports Albania’s reform and development efforts. The organization’s overall administration and development are Mr. Iljazaj’s primary concerns. Promoting the Values of Freedom, Sustainable Development Culture-Heritage-Tourism, and Research and Innovation-the Civic Space are the three research areas in which ILP currently conducts its research areas. Mr. Iljazaj seeks to expand the organization by forging strong alliances and collaborations with business, media, civil society, public and private institutions, and industry. Mr. Iljazaj has a wealth of expertise in academic efforts as a director and strategic planner. He served as the Doctoral School’s former director at the European University of Tirana. He also, served as the Head of Department of the Applied Social Science at the same University. Due to his strong and natural connection with the media sector, Mr. Iljazaj served as the General Director of Mapo newspaper. At Sapienza University, Mr. Iljazaj earned a PhD in political science. Mr. Iljazaj was a key figure in creating the Joint Master in Political Science – Integration and Governance – PoSIG between the European University of Tirana and the University of Salzburg, Austria, due to his background in political science. Mr. Iljazaj also participates in public life. He is an authority on the legislative committee’s administrative territorial reform. In the framework of the “Strong Municipalities” project, he also worked as a trainer. Mr. Iljazaj participated in multiple research visits to the European institutions as a member of the EU Delegation of Albania under the European Union Visitors Programme (EUVP).



The different models of parliamentary direction. UET PRESS. June 2015

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