The ideological programme includes the basic projects of the Liberal Institute of Tirana PASHKO, which illustrate the vision, mission, and purpose of this think tank: Promotion of economic freedom and political liberalism. The programmes are in the continuation of the tradition that the previous structures of the Liberal Institute of Tirana PASHKO organize, but already systematized and structured in a year-round calendar. These projects are supported by the funds of the institute and permanent or temporary partners, who have an interest in their object. They include the promotion of economic freedom, the annual report of liberalism, meetings and discussions with youth on liberalism, competitions, public positions on various issues of liberalism, liberal networks in the Western Balkans and beyond, as well as the public-media debate on liberalism.

  Initiatives/ Project Ideas
1 Gazeta Liberale (The Liberal newspaper)
2 Revista Liberale (The Liberal Magazine)
3 Forum: The Liberal List
4 Albanian index of liberalism
5 Cycle of debates – Challenges of liberal democracy
6 Balkan Liberal Network
7 Student Debate Club PASHKO
8 Position Paper – Liberal attitudes
9 Debate on Transition
10 PASHKO scholarship network
11 Liberal Forum of Tirana
12 PASHKO award for non-literary book
13 Liberal literature column
14 The study – the 10 richest people in Albania
15 TV Show – Propaganda liberale (The Liberal Propaganda)