20 May 2002

Since May 20, 2002, it was established the first organization, the Institute for Research and Development. Its mission was to Promote the development of economic freedom and political liberalism. The Institute for Research and Development had on the management board: Gjergj Peçi, Robert Rakipllari, Sami Neza, Arjan Vasjari and Gjokë Uldedaj.

12 September 2010

The Foundation for Economic Freedom, a think tank devoted to advancing economic freedom in Albania, was established, and promoted on September 12, 2010. The Foundation for Economic Freedom promoted the notions of economic freedom and the indices throughout the course of several years, as well as supported and maintained in Albanian society the discussion on the sensitivity of economic liberalism in the various government changes. The Foundation for Economic Freedom’s management board was made up of Alfred Lela, Grida Duma, Tonin Gjuraj, Dritan Shano, and Tomi Kola.


15 June 2017

The PASHKO European Institute was established on June 15, 2017, even though it quickly became apparent that only the economic aspect of this purpose fit a narrower mold given the greater scope of economic and political liberalism. They manifested in initiatives related to innovation, development, and culture. The establishment of the European Institute PASHKO, associated with Gramoz Pashko, the icon of Albanian liberalism, gave this institute’s operations a new dimension. Well-known public figures, such as Armand Shkullaku, Ervin Bushati, Genc Ruli, Mustafa Nano, and Selami Xhepa made up the board of the PASHKO European Institute.

13 June 2022

The PASHKO Liberal Institute was established on June 13, 2022, in response to the necessity to further integrate liberal concepts and structural modifications while adjusting to various social dynamics. The creation of the Liberal Institute of Tirana PASHKO, emphasizing the profiling and emphasis of the liberal dimension of this think tank in Tirana, was made possible by the rise to the level of a clearly dedicated institute and the evolution towards this form of previous organisms, which from a content point of view are a heritage of almost 20 years.

History over time

The five programs that ILP has as its main pillars—liberalism, media, cultural heritage, development, and innovation—require an innovative approach in light of the complex realities in which our society has evolved over the past 20 years, where the forces of globalization and technological change have transformed and are radically transforming the very nature of civilization. The Liberal Institute of Tirana PASHKO has created a wide range of activities in this area over the course of 20 years, including education and promotion of an informed, unbiased public discourse in the best interests of the public and the long-term interests of the nation.


  1. Promotion of “Index Media” magazine – September 10, 2002
  2. Series of debates “Other power, other knowledge – the book “Paths to the snake’s mouth” A. Fuga – October 23, 2002
  3. Liberal Colloquium – Theses for a Right Liberal Government – January 18, 2005
  4. Promotion of the philosophical column – October 21, 2008
  5. Promotion of the Foundation for Economic Freedom – September 12, 2010
  6. The publication of the first book “The Myth of Crises and the End of the Market” by Selami Xhepa – September 12, 2010
  7. Young Academics Network – March 10, 2011
  8. Initiative for Tirana – debate on local development – April 19, 2011
  9. Publication of the book “12 Liberal Theses of Development” by Grida Duma – November 7, 2013
  10. Liberal Ideas Lecture – December 14, 2013
  11. Tirana Forum for Economic Freedom/ First Edition – March 1, 2014
  12. Darda Liberal District October – 5, 2014
  13. Pashko Prize for Scientific Research/ First Edition – September 23, 2014
  14. Easter Debate Championship – November 18, 2015
  15. Study for the 10 richest people in Albania – July 16, 2015
  16. Promotion of Roger Scruton’s book “How to be right-handed” – March 3, 2016
  17. Pashko Scholarship for students with economic difficulties – April 25, 2016
  18. Promotion of the book “Why Liberalism” by Tom Palmer – May 20, 2016
  19. Pashko Student Club – November 2, 2016
  20. Promotion of the book “Anti-Capitalist Mentality” by Ludwig von Mise – September 29, 2017